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Data Mining : The Classification Method to Predict the Types of Motorcycle Spare Parts to be Restocked

Ketua : SELVIA LORENA BR GINTING S.Si, M.T Anggota : Y R Ginting, Sutono, A RakhmanSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Information Technology Advertisement for Online Shop

Ketua : DIANA EFFENDI S.T, M.T Anggota : A R R JanuarSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Information System Model for Recyclable Waste Mapping to Help Increase Waste Pickers Income

Ketua : LEONARDI PARIS HASUGIAN S.Kom, M.Kom Anggota : Syahrul Mauluddin, S.Kom., M.Kom., Imelda, S.T., M.T. , Selvia Lorena BR Ginting, S.Si., MT. , T M Rahayu Senin, 26 Oktober 2020

Information System for Asset Management

Ketua : RAUF FAUZAN S.Kom, M.Kom Anggota : V Y Pamungkas, J C WibawaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Information System Architecture Planning with the Open Group Architecture Framework

Ketua : Dr YEFFRY HANDOKO PUTRA S.T, M.T Anggota : R A NugrahaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Database Migration Strategies and Techniques to Minimize Unexpected Dysfunctionality

Ketua : Dr. YEFFRY HANDOKO PUTRA S.T, M.T Anggota : A FahmiSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Information and Communication Technology Development for Entrepreneurs

Ketua : IRMA ROCHMAWATI S.Ds, M.Ds Anggota : S RahmawatiSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Influence Of Virtual Money On The Rupiah Currency

Ketua : NUNGKI HERIYATI S.S, M.A Anggota : M F K FadillaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Influence of Public Transportation Applications for Foreign Tourists

Ketua : TAUFAN HIDAYATULLAH S.Sn, M.Ds Anggota : G A WidosenoSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Influence of Online Store on Public Enthusiasm on Japanese Anime Culture Merchandise

Ketua : IYAN GUSTIANA S.Kom, M.Kom Anggota : Y NarulitaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Convolution Neural Network for Text Mining and Natural Language Processing


Influence of Information Technology on Society

Ketua : Dr JUANDA S.H., M.Pd Anggota : D B DestrianaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Influence of Information Technology on Company Development

Ketua : DEDEN A WAHAB S.P, Doktor Anggota : T F PutraSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Controlling Production Activities Using Information Systems to Improve Cost Efficiency

Ketua : RANGGA SIDIK S.Kom, M.Kom Anggota : V F Lestari, M B WinantiSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Workload and Motivation on Employees Performance Analyzed by Information Technology

Ketua : IYAN ANDRIANA S.T, M.T Anggota : D Riyanto, D DarmawanSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Content Marketing Through Online Media For Development of A Business

Ketua : Dr. NIA KARNIAWATI S.IP, M.Si Anggota : I YanuartiSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

What is the Benefit of Electronic Commerce Product Marketing for Doll Craft Products?

Ketua: AGUS NURSIKUWAGUS S.T, M.M. Anggota : D CahyadiSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Consumer Perception about Paid Cutlery Programs at Online Food Delivery Company

Ketua : DEDEN A WAHAB S.P, Doktor Anggota : Candra Sari TriyanaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Website – Based on Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System

Ketua: Dr PONI SUKAESIH KURNIATI S.IP, M.Si Anggota : A PuspitasariSenin, 26 Oktober 2020

Web-based Tutoring Registration on Information System

Ketua: DINA FATIMAH S.Ds, M.Ds Anggota : Y PratamaSenin, 26 Oktober 2020